Over 20+ years of Value Added Services

For the past 23 years, Marshall Engineering Corporation has provided MEP engineering and design solutions to numerous government entities. Specific customers includes, the City of Houston, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Harris County Fire Department and Grimes County Annex Building.

Three Rivers Structural Repair

Marshall Engineering Corporation (MEC) was involved with the MEP design of a replacement building for the Visitor’s Center at the Correctional Facility. The existing 3,500 SF building was replaced with a 7,300 SF building to house reception areas, armory, control gates, emergency response and warden offices.

LOCATION: Three Rivers, Texas

Houston Boiler Replacement

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Correctional Facility was heated by an 18M BTU boiler. Updated standards for the Bureau always required boiler systems greater than 2M BTU have a full-time boiler professional on site.

MEC performed an economic analysis that determined that the cost-effective solution involved the replacement of the one large boiler with several smaller boilers.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas

Big Springs Water Treatment Installation

MEC provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering and design for the installation of water treatment at a correctional facility. The project consisted of the design of a 2M gallon elevated water storage tank, distribution pumps, and facilities for the production of reverse osmosis clarified water. 

LOCATION: Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring Water Quality Study

MEC performed and provided a study and assessment of the water quality for FCI big Spring. The study included a water quality analysis, assessment of existing reverse osmosis systems and feasibility studies on how the system could be improved.

LOCATION: Big Springs, Texas


Federal Detention Center

Marshall Engineering Corporation (MEC) analyzed the existing conditions, performed an investigative study and recommended changes for the electrical and mechanical systems for the FDC facility.

Under emergency conditions, the generators for the facility became overloaded. This overload condition was precipitated by the growth of electrical demand over the years and the operation of the chillers.  MEC at that time and recommended changes in the electrical and mechanical system to ameliorate the overload condition.

LOCATION: Beaumont, Texas

USACE-Jadwin Building

MEC provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design services for the USACE-Jadwin Building. The scope consisted of the installation of arc-fault warnings and hardware, based on the as-built conditions of the 40,000 SF Headquarters Building. The scope also consisted of the installation of lighting and electrical control devices to automatically control the building. The installation was made in response to a Presidential Executive Order concerning energy conservation in government buildings.

LOCATION: Galveston, Texas

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